About us

Work and way of life

Can you extend the holidays a little longer?
And what better way than selling crafts wherever you are and continue traveling?
That's how I started making crafts (in 2004), as a means to cover my travel expenses. Learning from different people in different places.
Today my way of life has changed a bit but craftsmanship is still my main activity.
Why Arenas? because the sand, the beach is my favorite place to sell .... yes, I am a "professional" beach seller !!
But I know that not everyone can come to Cadiz beaches in summer, but through the web I hope we can connect,


I am Álvaro, born in Argentina and well established in the province of Cadiz. I have a small workshop where I elaborate most of the products that are exhibited here , apprentice of many craftsmen and friends, for more than 15 years. It is a pleasure you are visiting this virtual space and am available for any consultation ;)